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[edit] News Summary

9 December

Looking for moderators.

16 October

Database unlocked.

19 September

Undergoing some skin changes.

17 September

Many thanks for everyone's help so far.

14 September

Release of FTL and founding of FTLWiki.

[edit] Wikilog

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9 December 2012 - Looking for moderators

If anyone is interested in helping to moderate this wiki, please contact Andytizer.

16 October - Database unlocked

Apologies for keeping the database locked longer than required - a number of server changes have been made to make the site load faster now.

19 September - Undergoing some skin changes

Currently undergoing some skin changes to distinguish ourselves a bit from the standard 'Vector' theme.

17 September - Many thanks for everyone's help so far

The wiki is expanding very quickly, with a boom of interest from the community. Many thanks for everyone's contributions so far. My hope is to create the best and most helpful resource for FTL: Faster Than Light, and we are all on our way to meeting this goal.

14 September - Release of FTL and founding of FTLWiki

Today is the release of FTL: Faster Than Light. Congratulations to the team for releasing this highly anticipated game.

Thanks to the help of Andrew LeCody of Dallas Makerspace who registered the domain name and provided it for us to use free of charge.

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