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[edit] Save Files

Like many games, FTL uses 'save' files for progress. These include both the continue.sav (the actual save) and the profile save, prof.sav. The developer has published the location of both of these as being:

Windows: %USERPROFILE%/My Documents/My Games/FasterThanLight

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/FasterThanLight/

Linux: ~/.local/share/FasterThanLight/ or $XDG_DATA_HOME/FasterThanLight (The latter being for non-default XDG_DATA_HOME settings.)

[edit] Profile (prof.sav)

The profile save consists of information including high scores, achievements, and ship unlocks. It is the most direct way to unlock ships without modifying the core game files (i.e. without making it easier) or unlocking achievements in another manner (though this may also be done here). The initial release of FTL shipped with version four (4) of the save format, but the binary retains the capability of reading and upgrading version one (1), version two (2), and version three (3).

This file exists to store unlocks and achievements on the system, but also serves as a point for cheating for those who understand the file format of prof.sav.

[edit] Continue from Save and Exit (continue.sav)

The continuation file is a game state file.

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