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Quests are random occurrences that can range from escorts, deliveries to chasing pirates and repairing stasis pods. Quests usually pay better than normal battles and require you to jump to a new location.


Damaged Stasis Pod

This quest requires a certain degree of luck to complete. Upon finding a damaged stasis pod, it is fitted as an augment that can be sold for 15 scrap or repaired (Adds a unique crew member) when you are offered to be studied by some scientists (Choose the option to let them examine the pod). This is a rewarding quest as you get a crew mate with an ability (Lock-down- blocks access to a room) and a new cruiser is unlocked.

There are three distinct steps involved with the quest.

  1. Pick up the stasis pod from a random sector.
  2. Find Zoltan scientists to repair the pod (Random encounter)
  3. Find New crew member homeworld on a Rock Homeworld

This will open up a new Galaxy and a new ship (Crystal Cruiser).