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Bakkerthehacker (talkcontribs)

Really dislike splitting the weapons tables up so much. Makes it harder than it needs to be to compare relative strengths.

I'd be much happier if we reorganized sections by type of attack, with subsections for description if we care, but a unified table at either the beginning or end of each section.

- Laser (includes hull and ion): general projectile - Missile: projectile that can be shot down - Beam: AOE damage, stopped by shields - Bomb: direct damage

Steveaguay (talkcontribs)

Yep I agree with this - it makes sense to group lasers and ion as they share most basic properties. We could:

1) completely remove the minitables and to combine them into one at the top

2) keep the mini tables AND keep a big table at the top

3) and I'm not sure whether we should go deeper and make individual pages for each weapon. This is because- there is going to be much more information and data being dug up by modders, like code relevant for modding, XML, etc.

Also remember that lasers can be shot down too be the Defence Drone II, so missiles are not unique in that regard.

Bakkerthehacker (talkcontribs)

Ok then. Lasers (projectile), beams (hitscan), missiles (projectile, missile ammo), bombs (missile ammo). :)

In favor of "product" pages with super-specific info for at least related groups (burst, blast, hull, ion lasers, etc) if not individual weapons.

A Bear (talkcontribs)

I'm the one who made all the mini tables for lasers. I thought it made sense because the different types of lasers work so differently. I'm sorry for changing the original layout without asking.

Steveaguay (talkcontribs)

Thanks so much for contributing :) no permission is required to edit - it's just that there is always a better way to organise the data :). To be honest, the mini tables + info on damage types do have a place. We just need a larger table in addition so that we can do a proper comparison between all the laser weapons.

In favour of going deeper and making 'product' pages for each weapon. We could adapt the Shipbox template and float it on the right like a standard infobox.

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